You’re Invited to the Blackfly Ball


We’re not sure how it happened, but it’s the week of the Blackfly Ball already! We’re busy posting our beautiful 2013 poster all over town, gearing up around the house for welcoming tons of visitors, and starting to pick out our costumes for this shindig.

As the week progresses the tents will begin to bloom all over our yard like mushrooms and the line for the bathroom will become an important factor in daily life as friends and soon-to-be-friends pour in from all over the continent to celebrate with us. We’ll put them all to work, helping us string twinkly lights, clean the Grange, load in musical instruments, and give house tours to latecomers.

All of the preparation and hullabaloo will culminate THIS SATURDAY, August 17, in an evening of dress-up and merrymaking, as we shake our booties and celebrate summer. There’ll be a whole slew of bands playing, including: What Cheer? Brigade, Hymn for Her, Toughcats, Pitch Black Ribbons, Machias Ukelele Club, The Orange River Jazz Band, Live Bait, Milk and Honey Rebellion, Fremont Street Band, Pink Capos, Jo(h)nband, plus an Open Mic and Local Youth Showcase.

For more info or to say you’re coming you can check out the event page.

Y’all can get your own copy of the poster when you get to town, or order it online here.