Sometimes we find ourselves in need of short-term volunteers. We have plenty of ongoing projects at our home base in Maine, and occasionally invite folks up to volunteer for a few days or a few weeks, most often in the summer months.

We will update this page when we’re looking for volunteers, and we reach out to friends and allies through posts to our blog and Facebook page, so check those out too! And you can always give us a shout at (pollinators (at) beehivecollective.org) to let us know you’re interested.

We are also a decentralized swarm, meaning we have pollinators scattered about in different locations who sometimes need help with one project or another. If you can’t come to Maine, let us know where you’re at and maybe we have a Bee near you!


Want to be a fellow pollinator? Bringing us to your town or meeting up with us at events are great ways to get to know each other and begin collaborating! We are always excited to get the chance to meet new people and build new relationships.

Touring with our graphics is a vital part of what we do – we cross-pollinate the grassroots through doing workshops, presentations, residencies, and gallery shows in a wide variety of settings, and we’d love to work with you to figure out how best to use our graphics in your community. Touring is also one of our primary sources of funding, so hosting us is a fantastic way to support the Hive.

You can request a presentation from the bees any time, though we tend to do the most touring in the fall and spring. We’d love to connect with you about ways to make a visit work!