We’ll post info here when we are looking for new bees to join our swarm! We sometimes do project-based shout outs, and sometimes we are looking for people to fill longer term roles.

We currently have openings for a few new bees to join the distribution team at our hive in Maine, with positions starting in June and August. For more info, and a simple form to apply:

Distro Coordinators Application

We welcome visitors and volunteers at our hive in Maine most any time of year, and especially in the summer months. Visiting us is a great way to get to know each other and figure out if working together longer term will be a good fit.

We are also a decentralized network of pollinators, and there are many opportunities to get involved with distributing our graphics or touring with our graphics… we can also help connect you to bees in your region.

We love hearing from folks who want to join forces with the Hive, so you can definitely email us if you are itching to visit or find a way to be involved! We might not be able to reply right away, but it’s always good to know who’s out there.