At long last, the Beehive Collective Resumes Poster Distribution with Solidarity and Stability! 

We have now partnered with our fellow art-activists at the JustSeeds Cooperative to take over the online distribution of our largest graphic narrative posters. Prints of our major illustrations, such as The True Cost of Coal and Mesoamérica Resiste, have been generally unavailable outside of in-person events since our Maine Hive and distribution hub fell to colony collapse in 2017. We are so thankful to our diligent friends at JustSeeds for taking on this essential distance-pollination work and for making these educational resources available for online ordering once again!


Simultaneous to the reboot of our online sales, a new in-person brick & mortar storefront featuring posters from our collective and hundreds of other artists is opening its doors!  Avoid the almighty algorithms and blue light, come visit us during the night-owl hours at Moonbats Postershop, next to the Historic State Theater in downtown Portland, Maine. With a mission to help revive and pollinate the traditional 18 x 24 handmade poster form, you’ll find an inspiring collection of meaningful rectangles celebrating Nature, Culture and Protest.

To order our rhyming narrative kid’s book based on the graphic The True Cost of Coal, go here or find them on AK Press.

Want to get posters or books in person? Check out the Moonbats Postershop in Portland, ME!