Back in Print!

Announcing the 10th Anniversary Edition of Mesoamérica Resiste

Now with a comprehensive color Species Map Key to it’s 400+ Animal Characters!
The Beehive’s epic poster graphic highlighting the extinction crisis ALMOST disappeared as well! In 2022, we discovered that both our unique size paper and its old-school oversize offset printer had vanished amidst the turbulent times. After a diligent year of bushwacking through our own version of supply chain obstacles, we are thrilled to announce the 10th anniversary edition of Mesoamérica Resiste has been born.
As relevant as ever, this intricate graphic weaves stories of community resistance into a much larger narrative about the ways everyday people are fighting back against a global economy based on colonialism, land grabs, and exploitation. The carefully researched and collaboratively produced imagery also celebrates cultural and ecological diversity through a cast of characters that includes hundreds of endemic, endangered and extinct species of animals & plants.
Climate change, global economic systems, migration pressures, they’re all part of this timely visual experience filled with reverence for the natural world.  It’s an excellent tool for teachers and those interested in learning about global systems through the holistic and gentle method of art, without an over reliance on the written word. This round of printing now includes a new bilingual species map, documenting the 400+ distinct animal species illustrated on the inside of the graphic.

***Check out the Mesoamerica Resiste campaign page, with narratives and educational resources***

Download the species map here.

Order the new Mesoamérica Resiste poster online via Just Seeds, or in person at the Moonbats Postershop in Portland, Maine.

Check out this video to see the nine year process of creating Mesoamérica Resiste:

photo by Allan Lissner.