Otros gráficos CAMPAIGNS

While we are most recognized for our huge narrative graphics campaigns that we take on tour, we also create smaller-scale posters for movements we participate in and groups and events we want to support. We strive to cross-pollinate with struggles both locally in Maine and around the world.



One of the first posters made by the Beehive Design Collective, this graphic about Biotechnology not only investigates the genetic modification of life, but zooms out to create a narrative about the homogenization of culture, food, and our environment.


One of the Beehive’s first graphics, this iconic monarch butterfly image was created in the Spring of 2000 as an outreach poster for the 4th Biodevastation mobilization, a gathering of the grassroots against the Biotechnology Industry Organization’s annual convention.



BioJustice was designed as a promotional poster Biodevastation conference that took place in Boston in 2007. The event was a gathering of the grassroots popular resistance to the Biotech Industry Organization (BIO) industry annual convention. It included a weeklong celebration of sustainable food, alternatives to corporate healthcare and highlighted a wealth of community-based alternatives.



Fueling Climate Chaos is a poster the Beehive made for friends at Rising Tide, a network of groups who take direct action against root causes of climate change and promote community-based solutions to the climate crisis.



This poster, with text translated into seven languages, was designed in 2008 to help build momentum for worldwide solidarity actions during the Group of 8 counter summit in Hokkaido, Japan.



This graphic was created in collaboration with the networks of the Latin American Solidarity Coalition [http://www.lasolidarity.org] for their mass mobilization in Washington DC in the spring of 2003.



This poster was the Beehive’s first full-color graphic, created in 2006 as the promotional poster for the Maine Social Forum, a convergence focused on strengthening networks and developing strategies for social, economic, and environmental justice in Maine.



This poster was designed to explore the issues surrounding Nestle’s attempt to privatize water in Maine.



This poster was designed to raise awareness for the 2011 Water Walk, a uniting of waters from all directions of the earth. Anishinaabe people, caretakers of the eastern woodlands and great lakes, collected water from the Pacific Ocean, the Gulf of Mexico, the Atlantic Ocean, and the Hudson Bay in copper pails and carried it by hand to the shore of Lake Superior. Similar water walks have taken place annually since 2003 to call attention to our water and our role as caretakers of it.


This poster was created to celebrate the Beehive Collective’s tenth anniversary. The image is a crop from our True Cost of Coal graphic, brought to life as a full color print.